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Quiet Title Actions in New York

What situations typically give rise to a quiet title action? Having a clear title is critical to the sale of any property in New York. Issues with the title can …

  • Posted on: Jun 29 2018
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Negotiating Your Strong NYC Commercial Lease

What clauses should I avoid agreeing to in a commercial lease? Your commercial lease will be a central component to your successful business.  Signing a commercial lease is a big …

  • Posted on: May 29 2018
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Defense Against Predatory Lending Charges

What are the potential defenses a lender can raise against a predatory lending charge? State and federal lending laws and regulations are designed to protect borrower’s from lending overreach. In …

  • Posted on: Mar 30 2018
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In Depth: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

What are my options if I am facing foreclosure of my home? Nationwide, close to a million homes will be affected by foreclosure proceedings every year.  While foreclosure rates have …

  • Posted on: Mar 6 2018
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Negotiating a Strong NYC Commercial Lease

What terms should I avoid agreeing to in my commercial lease? The New York City commercial real estate market is hot and shows few signs of slowing.  As a potential …

  • Posted on: Feb 27 2018
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Foreclosures in New York City on the Rise

Although foreclosure rates continue to decline throughout the United States, this is not the case in New York City. In fact, it has widely been reported that the volume of …

  • Posted on: Feb 14 2018
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