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Roman & Piccinnini is a diverse law practice. We pride ourselves on functioning effectively in a number of legal arenas. One of our many specialties is real estate. In addition to being highly competent, our attorneys keep apprised of all changing aspects of commercial and residential real estate laws on both local and state levels, giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to assisting our clients.
We are capable of helping you to make wise choices relative to buying or selling a home or condo, renting an apartment, investing in a property, borrowing, or lending to a purchaser. We know all too well that, in spite of best intentions, problems arise, in real estate as elsewhere, due to mistakes, misunderstandings, and unpredictable

life events. We are your best defense against such problems, helping you to avoid trouble proactively when it’s possible, and to extricate you from difficult situations when it’s not. Clients come to us with overwhelming debt that may lead to foreclosure, as well as with substantial amounts of money to invest in real estate. For those in the first category, we will find the most productive way to assist them — perhaps by shortening the term of the loan, lowering the interest rate, or taking out a home equity loan. For those in the second category, we will investigate and evaluate worthy choices of property for our client to purchase. In either case, we will be effective, efficient advocates, always looking for ways to help you come out ahead financially.

Real Estate Litigation

Our comprehensive knowledge of the current real estate market, combined with our legal talents, make us sharp litigators. We are, therefore, always ready to fight aggressively for your rights in a court of law. Whether your issue involves security deposits and returns, title clearances, variance and easement problems, fair housing rights and discrimination, abandoned property left by former tenants, health and safety standards, contracts and boundary disputes, evictions, or foreclosures, we are well-prepared to protect your integrity and your financial stability.

We are equally comfortable representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil real estate cases. As a matter of fact, our ability to understand real estate litigation from both perspectives stands us in good stead no matter which party we are representing. When you come to us for real estate litigation, you can be sure we will be on your side every step of the way, guiding you through the legal process from investigation through pretrial, trial, settlement, and, if necessary, appeal.

Not only are we adept at negotiating and litigating conflicts between buyers and sellers, co-op boards and residents, and landlords and tenants, we are also ready to deal with problems regarding violations of state and local zoning or environmental laws. You can always depend on our attorneys to be aggressive as they fight to protect your rights, yet caring and responsive in their dealings with you.


Residential / Commercial Real Estate

In addition to being fine litigators, we represent clients through all types of negotiations and legal procedures. Our skills cover all significant areas of commercial and residential real estate. We have a history of drafting, negotiating, and reviewing leases, mortgages, and other significant documents, obtaining title clearances, and resolving boundary disputes. Aware that effective communication is at the root of all strong working relationships, we have a well-deserved reputation for listening to our clients carefully and to making sure to translate any cumbersome legalese for them so they truly understand any document they are signing.

Our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail make us the perfect lawyers to come to when you have concerns about the elements of your lease, such as whether the property can be sublet or there is an option to buy. We can make sure you keep informed about zoning, environmental regulations, and disabled accessibility laws you must comply with.

With us at your side, you can rest assured that you will purchase sufficient insurance coverage, pay all necessary taxes in a timely fashion, and be shepherded through the legal process from purchase or rental through lease signing or closing. Whether your real estate interests are in purchasing a home, starting up a new business, establishing a new location for an existing enterprise, or purchasing property for investment purposes, Roman & Piccinnini will ensure that your legal needs are met efficiently and will serve your best financial interests.



Lender Representation

Beyond our successful representation of real estate buyers, sellers, renters, and investors, we are also highly adept at representing lenders. As we do with all our clients, we dispense individualized attention to lenders, tailoring our work to the particular needs of those we represent. For one thing, if you are a lender, we help you to avoid liability and protect you if you get into trouble with lender liability laws. We will also defend you against charges of breach of contract or use of fraudulent lending methods. Because either of these charges can make you vulnerable to paying costly damages, we make full use of court decision which defined the borrower-lender relationship as one that is not fiduciary (meaning that typically the borrower does not have a relationship involving trust with the lender).

Other areas in which we actively defend lenders is when they go against The Uniform Commercial Code, a body of federal laws that governs commercial transactions. This Code is very specific about the terms, method, manner, time and place of such transactions, spelling out exactly how such transactions must be “commercially reasonable.” Our practice is poised to defend you from charges that you knew (or should have known) that an appraisal was too low, or that you did not publicize the sale enough to get a reasonable number of bids. For lenders, as for our other real estate clients, we negotiate when we can and litigate when we must.


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